At Mulberry Chiropractic, we are proud to offer the products below. They have been chosen for their performance and cost effectiveness. We provide these products for our patients’ benefit. If you have questions about the products, please contact the office or follow the links below to learn more.


A top of the line, water based pillow. This pillow is an excellent option for those patients who experience pain or stiffness upon getting up from bed or toss and turn at night. Unlike foam pillows, the Chiroflow self-adjusts to sleeping on your side or back. Another benefit of the water is that it keeps your head cool in summer without getting cold in the winter.


A custom made shoe orthotic that stabilizes the entire body by providing support to all three (3) arches of the foot. Although normally prescribed for foot pain, orthotics may help with many conditions from the foot to the low back and provide specific support for working, running, golfing and other activities. Because they are custom made, they must be prescribed by a physician, but they may be covered by your insurance.


Biofreeze has been used by athletes, workers, and older patients to provide temporary relief of pain. Similar to other muscle rubs, Biofreeze is different in that it only gets cold, so there is never an intense burning discomfort. Although it has a slight menthol scent, that wears off quickly, while the relief lasts. Biofreeze Professional Strength is only available through a health care provider.


Supplementation can be extremely complicated. Standard Process makes it a little easier by providing high quality, whole food products at reasonable prices. Based on the idea that nutrition should come from food, Standard Process grows most of the products used in its supplements on their own organic farms. Not only can you pronounce the ingredient list, but you can recognize the products as the foods we should eat. Mediherb follows the same principles, providing high quality herbal products made from sustainable ingredients.


Kinseo tape is a way of providing support to a weak or painful joint or muscle, while still allowing function. Traditional taping or bracing limits motion of the joint, making muscles weaker and joints stiffer. With kineseotaping, the body is stronger without the pain between visits. It reminds your body to move correctly after a treatment and leads to faster healing.