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Are your hips causing your back pain?

  • The hip flexors are one of the most common causes of low back pain. This is because of the anatomy of the hip flexors. The hip flexors originate from the front of the lumbar spine, travel down through the pelvis, and attach to the front of the hip joint. When tight, they pull the spine into extension and can cause structural changes, leading to additional symptoms, including low back pain. Hip flexors are key lynchpins that connect your upper and lower body. If anything strains them and the body is forced to overcompensate, your spine will surely suffer. You could be left with lasting pain.

    Adjusting the hip is a great way to reduce restrictions in the joint. We are allowing for proper joint spacing that bones need to be able to move fully and freely. By applying the same concepts to the hip as we do to the spine joints, we can help ease some of the pain and dysfunction in the joint.

    Finally, corrective exercise is another excellent way to improve hip stability and mobility. Strengthening certain muscle groups such as the gluteal muscles in the buttock region is one way to achieve the correct balance between strength and flexibility in areas such as the hip joint.

    To achieve the best results, work outside the office in the form of corrective exercise and stretching must be continued. This is the best way to ensure you get the most out of work towards improving hip mobility. Hip joints are one of the most common joints that are replaced surgically, but there are other, more conservative methods for increasing range of motion and decreasing pain!