Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy of healthcare that has been an established health system for over one hundred years.  The science of chiropractic is constantly growing and changing as more research is done.  We have more knowledge each day about how the spinal joints move and affect our daily lives.  A good amount of research has shown chiropractic to be a safe and effective treatment for neck pain, low back pain, sciatica and other joint related pain syndromes.  Medical doctors are beginning to recognize the positive effect that chiropractic care has on acute and chronic pain.  The current opioid epidemic is further increasing the spotlight on conservative care like chiropractic for its ability to reduce pain without increasing medication dependency.

The art of chiropractic is the choice of treating style that is unique to each doctor.  Because chiropractors use our hands and other tools to create motion, treatments can be very different from one doctor to another.  Also, many physicians will use different techniques depending on the size, age and health level of the patient.  Chiropractors have many other tools to help achieve health, including nutrition, physiotherapy, chiropractic rehab, and lifestyle advice.  The mixture of these tools creates a complete treatment system for your health needs. At Mulberry Chiropractic, Dr. Collier uses the Activator instrument, Drop Table and Diversified adjustments to improve motion int the joint.

Chiropractic philosophy is built around the idea of healing while avoiding surgery and medication.  If the body moves better, it will heal more effectively.  However, sometimes surgery and medications are necessary and that is why we are happy to work with your primary care doctor or specialists to make sure that you are receiving the best care possible.


EMS, for short, is a gentle, relaxing electrical stimulation that can be used to block pain, stimulate weak muscles to contract, or relax muscle spasms.  Most people feel a soft, buzzing sensation and enjoy the treatment.


Also called cold laser, is a new advancement in pain relief and healing.  A truly pain free device that can be used to treat swollen and injured tissue, chronic pain, and acupuncture points without needles, laser is gaining popularity throughout the US for its great results.


Similar to physical therapy, chiropractic rehab is focused on retraining the body in proper movement and posture to relieve pain and keep it from coming back.  Most exercises do not require special equipment and patients are often encouraged to continue exercises on their own to maintain health and activity levels.


Massage therapy is treatment of superficial and deep layers of muscled tissue to promote full function and aid in healing.  Massages are applied by use of hands, fingers, elbows or forearms.  There are over 80 different massage methods including deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, trigger point and many others.  Massage will help a muscle in spasm or “knots” in muscles.  These knots are also known as myofascial trigger points which are build-up of protein in the muscle.  Most often caused by lack of use which results in a constant state of tension, other causes can be from overuse or injury.  Otillia Baker, owner of Otillia’s Touch, is an experienced massage therapist and schedules her own appointments.  Please call 570-441-8170 to schedule.