Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy of healthcare that has been an established health system for over one hundred years.  The science of chiropractic is based on the knowledge that the brain and spinal cord control the function of the organs and systems of the body.  In order to have the best health possible, there must be good communication between the central nervous system and the body.  When there is poor movement of the spinal column it changes the communication of the nerves.  We call this a subluxation.  Subluxations can be detected through feeling the motion of the spine, testing the strength of muscles, measuring the length of arms and legs, and through computer analysis.  Restoring motion to the spine increases communication between the nervous system and the rest of the body.

The art of chiropractic is the choice of treating style that is unique to each doctor.  Because chiropractors use our hands and other tools to create motion, treatments can be very different from one doctor to another.  Also, many physicians will use different techniques depending on the size, age and health level of the patient.  Chiropractors have many other tools to help achieve health, including nutrition, physiotherapy, chiropractic rehab, and lifestyle advice.  The mixture of these tools creates a complete treatment system for your health needs.

Chiropractic philosophy is built around the idea that everyone is healthier if their central nervous system is functioning better.  In chiropractic we do not prescribe medications or perform surgery.  Our goal is to help the body heal itself.  If the body is at a point where it is unable to heal itself, we are happy to refer you to another doctor and work hand in hand with them to get you back on the road to health.  While many people come to a chiropractor to get rid of pain, most continue to be chiropractic patients with occasional adjustments to stay healthy and vibrant.  In chiropractic, health is more than the absence of disease and wellness is not about catching a disease earlier.  Health is about being a strong, vibrant person who has fewer illnesses and recovers from them faster.


EMS, for short, is a gentle, relaxing electrical stimulation that can be used to block pain, stimulate weak muscles to contract, or relax muscle spasms.  Most people feel a soft, buzzing sensation and enjoy the treatment.


Also called cold laser, is a new advancement in pain relief and healing.  A truly pain free device that can be used to treat swollen and injured tissue, chronic pain, and acupuncture points without needles, laser is gaining popularity throughout the US for its great results.


Similar to physical therapy, chiropractic rehab is focused on retraining the body in proper movement and posture to relieve pain and keep it from coming back.  Most exercises do not require special equipment and patients are often encouraged to continue exercises on their own to maintain health and activity levels.


Massage therapy is treatment of superficial and deep layers of muscled tissue to promote full function and aid in healing.  Massages are applied by use of hands, fingers, elbows or forearms.  There are over 80 different massage methods including deep tissue, myofascial release, reflexology, trigger point and many others.  Massage will help a muscle in spasm or “knots” in muscles.  These knots are also known as myofascial trigger points which are build-up of protein in the muscle.  Most often caused by lack of use which results in a constant state of tension, other causes can be from overuse or injury.  Otillia Baker, owner of Otillia’s Touch, is an experienced massage therapist and schedules her own appointments.  Please call 570-441-8170 to schedule.


Chiropractors often use nutrition to treat specific conditions.  In our office, we are proud to use high quality products in treating our patients naturally.  Dr. Collier prefers to focus on improving the foods we eat, and suggests supplements only to fill the gaps.