Mulberry Chiropractic

Upper Cross Syndrome

  • Do you have tightness across your shoulders and along your neck? Do you feel like your head is held in front of your body, your shoulders are rounded, or you are hunched over? You may have a condition known as Upper Crossed Syndrome.


    Upper Cross Syndrome is a pattern of the imbalanced neck, upper back, and chest muscles. This muscle imbalance pattern causes postural changes that will turn into degeneration within the spine over time. It is commonly caused by working at a computer, driving, or cellphone use. Symptoms often include neck pain, headaches, stiffness in the upper back, and chest pain.


    Your posture plays a vital role in your overall health, and poor posture leads to chronic strain and discomfort. This problem is corrected by stretching the tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles, and modifying your day-to-day work. If this sounds like you, find us so we can help identify it before any long-term structural changes occur.